The promotion of gender equality is a priority for the EU, contributing to the European Strategic Objectives 2020 for growth and employment.

At the same time, Europe is facing a huge migrant crisis. A study published by the Council of Europe and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in March 2014, highlighted the very urgent and concerning situation of unaccompanied migrant minors, who are particularly vulnerable and helpless:

Unaccompanied children in transition to adulthood have their own needs as a specific age category, and should be given proper support in order to facilitate that phase and achieve greater autonomy and integration in the host society.

Concerned by the migrant crisis, the six partners (Bulgaria, France, Italy, Germany, Turkey and the UK) have conceived the My Gender Rights project. The aim of the project is to provide those centres and organisations that care for unaccompanied migrant minors with educational and training tools on gender equality.

These will help the centres to familiarise migrant minors with the attitudes and expectations around gender that they are likely to encounter in Europe, to aid their better inclusion in European society and in their professional careers.

Welcome to your My Gender Rights resources

This e-learning module is designed for you, the people working with unaccompanied migrant minors (UMMs). Click on the link below to launch the module. You can navigate through the module using the buttons mentioned within the content. When you get to the end, you can just close the window.

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These workshop exercises can be run by anyone working with UMMs, for their colleagues. They’re designed to help you incorporate a gender equal approach into your caring practices. There are some exercises that are to be run amongst you and your colleagues and some suggestions for activities you can run with your UMM groups. Click on the link to download the guide.

 Gender and UMM Guide

This guide is designed for newly arrived UMMs to get them thinking about how gender is viewed in their new host country. You can click on the link to download it and share it with the UMMs you work with.

 Guide to Gender Equality

This game can be played by you and the UMMs you work with. It explores attitudes to gender in UMM’s host country and will give them a chance to discuss and learn about society’s expectations around gender. Click on the link to launch and download the game instructions.

 Gender Equality Game

You can share these animated explainer and testimonial videos with them, too. The animation tells the story of a brother and sister as they grow up, through the lens of gender. The video is a collection of interviews with former UMMs and relates their experiences of coming to a new country with new gender norms and gives recently arrived UMMs some tips on how to cope with practices and attitudes that may be unfamiliar to them.

If you’d like to download and share the My Gender Rights leaflet, you can access it using the link below.

 MGR leaflet



Erasmus+ is the EU’s programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. Its budget of €14.7 billion will provide opportunities for >4 million Europeans to study, train, gain experience, and volunteer abroad.

CIAPE is the Italian Centre for Permanent Learning, a non profit private organisation. It exists as an Association of Learners to promote the development of a learning society through the provision of a quality and comprehensive system of adult learning and education which is accessible to and inclusive of all.

CIAPE is the transnational coordinator of the Quality Apprenticeships European Network, a network involving businesses and VET organisations from 20 different countries in a European Network for the certification of learning outcomes deriving from apprenticeships experiences. CIAPE is a member of the CEDEFOP; European Qualifications Framework; Credit Transfer In VET; and of the Quality Assurance in VET communities. CIAPE implements research and training activities aimed at the development and validation of transversal skills as well as of the new skills required by the labour market.

Ni+ Ni- are consultancy specialising in Gender Equality. They advise, support and train public and private organisations to develop gender equality strategies and to implement induced action plans. Ni+Ni- develops gender diagnostics for public and private organisations by comparing the situation of men and women through different criteria, such as remuneration, recruitment, and training. These diagnostics are generally followed by action plans and training or awareness tools that aim to reduce gender inequalities.

Fastrak Consulting Ltd is a small consultancy firm operating out of the UK but with clients across the world. Fastrak was founded in 1997 by Clive Shepherd, a former European head of training for a multinational company and then co-founder of a multimedia development company. Fastrak specialises in digital workplace learning and communications.

Younclusion is non-profit, non-governmental organization with aim to improve the situation of young people, women and marginal groups of the society in all areas of social life. This is achieved by promotion of gender equality, democracy, human rights, social development, volunteerism, integration.

The organization’s staff has experience in the fields of non-formal education, youth policies, volunteerism, gender equality, active citizenship and participation, human rights and youth work. Younclusion is a full member organization of various international networks such as Anna Lindh Foundation Network, FEDI Network and national networks such as Denge ve Denetleme Agi, Genclik Orgutleri Forumu, Ulusal Genclik Parlamentosu etc.

Unis-Cité is a non-profit organisation, founded?in 1994?by three students who wanted to create opportunities for youth to engage for equality, diversity?and tolerance. Unis-Cité was the first volunteering organisation in France to enable youth to engage with each other for solidarity, and to help them meet different people.

The association proposes Civic Service for youth between 16 and 25 years old with different social backgrounds and cultures, and levels of education. The only criteria for selection is their motivation. We offer many opportunities for teamwork in different thematic areas : environment, disability, the fight against discrimination, citizenship, help for old people etc., lasting between 6 and 9 months.

Our vision : Every young person should devote one year of their life to serve the community

Internationaler Bund (IB) is one of the biggest service providers in the field of youth and social work as well as education in Germany. Its 14.000 employees in 700 facilities at 300 places in Germany help about 350,000 children, youth, adults and seniors every year in their personal and professional life planning.

IB Brandenburg Nordost works in Neuenhagen (near Berlin) has about 3,000 clients. IB Brandenburg Nordost has a special emphasis on disadvantaged youths whether it be young people with learning difficulties, socially excluded youth or refugees and migrants.

IB Brandenburg Nordost runs a vocational school, a secondary school, a vocational training centre and several youth clubs. Over the past three years, it has also developed its care for refugees. Currently, IB Brandenburg Nordost runs 5 housing facilities for asylum seekers and refugees. Additionally, it has a care facilities which at the moment cares for 15 unaccompanied young minors between the age of 13 and 17 who are asylum seekers. They live in the organisation’s boarding house and are cared for by a team of social workers.

National association SCAS (www.scas.acad.bg) is registered as a non-profit legal entity in 1992, with 8 branches in Bulgaria. The organization activities started long before with initiatives aimed at professional development of young people and students ? educational and training materials development, youth information, seminars, educational courses, practices and forums. Since 1992, SCAS has managed and implemented over 120 national and international projects.